Science & Technology

The optics and electro­-optics capabilities of Salvo Technologies position it to be an effective player in application areas like analytic instrumentation and biotech. They can produce full systems and subsystems courtesy of the design capabilities of Salvo Defense, and the optical fabrication and assembly capabilities of Salvo Coatings and Salvo EO.

These systems include IR Spectroscopy systems developed in house for calibrating SWIR monochromatic and multispectral imagers. The systems can be used as stand alone spectroscopy instruments with very accurate wavelength and amplitude measurements used for analytical measurements in the lab. 

OEMs in these areas want to focus on their unique value propositions, not the nuts and bolts of the optical system; Salvo Technologies can do it for them. Alternatively, Salvo EO can fabricate components and assemble a proprietary system to a customer’s specifications. By outsourcing the optical portions of their system, customers can shorten their production time while mitigating risk every system sent to them is guaranteed operational.

In addition to the optical portions of the design, Salvo Technologies can also help OEMs with their electronics needs. From board level components to stuffing PCB boards and cable assemblies, Salvo Electronics allows OEMs to focus on design and integration by taking care of their bill of materials. To ensure quality top to bottom, the facilities of all Salvo Technologies divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.