Salvo Technologies specializes in the type of high ­performance, ultra-­high reliability devices that are good fits for the medical market. 4D Tactical technology, for example, is used for surgical headlights and cameras. Salvo Technologies’ full­ service optical and electro­-optical capabilities run from optical component fabrication and coating to assembly courtesy of Salvo Coatings and Salvo E­O. Salvo EO also markets laser gain media and nonlinear crystals that can be used for medical and dental lasers.

Sister division Salvo Defense provides full ­service engineering to take projects from design to prototyping, handing off volume production to Salvo EO. The design team takes hardware designed for military applications, modifies the algorithms, and suddenly a multispectral targeting system designed for the battlefield is detecting cancer in the body or finding pressure sores on bed ­ridden patients before doctors can see a problem.

Sometimes, the customer already has a proprietary design. In these cases, Salvo EO can take over fabrication and assembly, leaving them free to concentrate on their core value proposition. Buying finished optical assemblies allows customers to put their product out the door more quickly while reducing scrap because every subsystem delivered is guaranteed operational. To ensure quality, the facilities of all Salvo Technologies divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.