Salvo Technologies has served the industrial market since its very early days as an equipment reseller. Salvo Coatings began producing low VOC coatings for marine applications and continued on to develop innovative solutions like anticorrosion lubricants for metal­ forming operations. The Hi Corr family of coatings combines easy application with long ­term protection of formed metal parts, eliminating the need for post ­forming cleaning steps while ensuring that products maintain value even after months of storage.

The team of Salvo Defense, Salvo Coatings, and Salvo EO supplies top ­to ­bottom optical and electro-­optical design and fabrication capabilities, for example developing and building subsystems for machine vision, test, and inspection applications. The team can take an optical system from prototype to production, freeing the customer to focus on their unique value proposition. Alternatively, Salvo EO offers assembly services to customers who have the system already designed, or in the case of optical displays and instrument panels, can provide PMA parts for repairs.

In particular, Salvo Defense recently began offering sensor design and upgrade capabilities. With the emerging industrial Internet of Things, sensors are taking on an increased importance. The ability to easily add imagers to a machine platform or to retrofit existing equipment can boost value enormously in terms of process efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness. This is especially true in the fast­ growing field field of multispectral imaging. Where old monochrome systems fail, new multiband systems allow users to see things they have been missing for years.

Salvo Electronics sells electronic components into maintenance and repair organizations and sectors. Their components can support process and automation players with plants on the order of the millions of square feet. Through its partnership with MAS, Salvo Electronics also sells into the commercial aviation space MAS has a parts manufacturing authorization (PMA) with the US FAA, specializing in new and remanufactured parts for military and aerospace applications.

The production facilities of all Salvo Technologies divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.