Financial Offerings

Salvo Technologies Inc. is a holding company that looks to invest in products, processes, companies and people. We have a wide range of financial offerings to foster innovation and growth both internal and external if it aligns with our vision and strategy.

One such offering is our grant program where we award grant money to companies, research teams or inventors with synergistic products allowing them to be able to take those products from design to prototype and on to low rate initial production. These grants are not loans and the awarded individuals or teams get to keep the Intellectual Property! Salvo Technologies believes that by fostering innovations that align with our technology roadmap we are better able to utilize our resources and create true leap frog technologies. One of our strengths is that we don’t subscribe to the “not made here” philosophy and integrate what is available to reach the best possible solution for our customers. If interested please go to our grants page to learn more.

At Salvo Technologies we are committed to strategic growth whether it be organic or through acquisition. We have an active mergers and acquisition team that looks at companies that closely align with our vision and strategy. If we feel that there is a strategic alliance, as in the case with 4D Tactical and Mil-Aero Solutions we are quick to create teaming agreements. If a merger or acquisition makes more sense, as in the case of Next Phase Optics, we put together an offer. If you or your company feel that our teams align and can create growth in a strategic way please contact us with the details. We are always interested in hearing from our potential partners.

As Salvo Technologies considers itself a holding company we are always interested in investment opportunities for either institutional investors, private equity firms or individual investors. We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs that want to strategically grow the organization. If you share the same vision and are interested in becoming an investor in Salvo Technologies please see our investing page or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.