The Salvo Technologies group of companies serves the defense market with top­-to-bottom entries in optics, optical coatings, and electro­optics. Salvo Coatings and Salvo Electro­Optics fabricate a full range of optical components, including beamsplitters, filters, output couplers, and etalons, as well as laser gain media and nonlinear crystals. Salvo EO also offers assembly services, freeing up tier­one contractors to focus on design and integration.

Meanwhile, sister division Salvo Defense provides engineering services to develop custom solutions for specific jobs and innovative products for the larger market. The project development of the Sapphire Fire Control rifle sight provides a good example. Salvo Defense teamed with firearms specialist HDC to develop the design, which was first prototyped then fabricated in volume by Salvo Coatings and Salvo EO; HDC provides worldwide distribution.

Salvo Defense is also designing sensing and imaging solutions for the military. From targeting systems to tracking using sensors from the UV through the mid to long IR. More recently the group has also been working on next generation night vision products using SWIR cameras.

Salvo Technologies also serves the market with personal protective equipment from its 4D Tactical partner, such as low­profile ballistic helmet pads that offer superior blunt­force mitigation coupled with moisture­wicking layers for enhanced comfort. Other tactical products include blast­resistant seating, armed guards, and carrier vests.

Finally, Salvo Electronics a division of Salvo Technologies, supplies prime contractors and the military directly with electronics and electro­optical components. Through its partnership with Mil­Aero Solutions (MAS), Cross also markets into the military aviation market. MAS has a parts manufacturing authorization (PMA) with the US FAA, specializing in new and remanufactured parts for military and aerospace applications.

The production facilities of all Salvo Technologies divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.