Corporate Culture

In today’s marketplace, companies that react slowly get left behind. To develop the most responsive organization possible and deliver better products to market faster, Salvo Technologies has chosen a flat organization that empowers employees at every level. Instead of a staff of engineers paralyzed by having to seek rubber-stamp approval every step of the way, we bring together the most talented individuals in the industry and free them to innovate.

Part of that freedom involves the ability to harvest the best ideas and technologies available, even when they’re not developed in-house. Rather than squandering engineering hours redeveloping existing technology, we innovate where we bring the most value and combine that with licensed or open source technologies to build a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

Minimizing the reporting structure empowers the individuals most able to enhance the quality of the work to make decisions at their level in relative freedom. We have a team-based culture in which managers act more as coaches who focus on removing obstacles and helping their reports obtain the resources they need. Managers make fewer decisions while enabling their employees to make more. It’s the ultimate lean organization, from lean manufacturing to lean operations.

Of course, these decisions don’t take place in a vacuum. Salvo Technologies fosters a corporate culture built around a set of values that guides everything we do, from daily operations to long-term planning. We choose the best people, educate them in our way of doing business, and then place them in an environment that frees them to achieve.