The consumer market demands performance and safety, but also at an affordable cost. The Salvo Technologies business units apply their industry ­leading technology coupled with innovative manufacturing to deliver the best possible product at the best possible price. Salvo Defense developed the Sapphire Fire ­Control Optic, a lightweight, ultra­rugged rifle sight that delivers startlingly good performance.

It’s applicable to military and law enforcement, but truly shines in the recreational, hunting, and competitive sectors. Sapphire lenses resist scratching from tree and rock alike, while specialized fabrication techniques allow the scope to deliver unprecedented depth of focus and zoom capability at an affordable price. Designed in collaboration with firearms specialists at HDC and manufactured in ­house by Salvo EO, Sapphire scopes promise to revamp what firearms enthusiasts can expect from their objects.

4D Tactical sells personal protective equipment (PPE) into not only the hunting market but also sporting goods for activities like bull riding. Meanwhile, Salvo Electronics provides commodity electronics for embedded systems ranging from smart phones to cameras. The production facilities of all divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.