Specialty Lubricant  - Salvo Coatings provides specialty lubricants including a metal forming lubricant that creates a cleaner product for end users. Salvo Coatings has developed the worlds first cleaning lubricant.  Used in the metal forming industry the lubricant creates a clean product straight off the die.  By utilizing this lubricant manufacturers can produce "clean to the touch" wire and cable product that big box stores now demand.  In the past oil based lubricants were used for price as well as ease of use.  However these products create a very dirty product.  By replacing these oil based lubricants with Salvo's water based product not only will the end product pass a white glove test off of the manufacturing line the water based product can be diluted at the line for a reduction in consumption.  Salvo's product can be run on steel, aluminum, flex or liquid tight product lines without changing formulations. 

A member of Salvo Technologies Inc family of companies, Salvo Coatings is a boutique coating firm that specializes in custom formulations for industrial, medical, and military applications.  It offers a broad range of products from optical thin film to industrial thick film coatings.  Products range from anti-reflection treatments for lenses to thermoplastic paints for metals.  With both on-shore and off-shore production capabilities, Salvo Coatings has the ability to produce small volumes close to the facilities of domestic customers, and large volumes overseas with competitive pricing, strict compliance to specifications, at very large capacities.

Visit us at www.salvocoatings.com or reach out to one of our sales engineers today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. see how much better it feels to have a strategic partner not just another vendor.