Reticles and Patterned Optics - Salvo Electro Optics manufactures micro patterned precision optics including standard and custom reticle designs.  Whether the project calls for etch and fill, positive chrome or cemented reticles Salvo Electro Optics can provide a quality product with timely and economical deliveries.  Reticles have been produced for a wide range of applications including Calibration Targets, Fire Control Optics, Microscopy, MTF Test Stands and Alignment Test Stands.  Substrate sizes range from 3mm to 200mm in diameter.  In addition reticles can be produced on prisms and other odd shipped geometries to help designers make the most out of space requirements while maintaining performance.  With etched line widths as small as 2 microns and positive chrome line widths down to 1 micron Salvo can add extra degrees of freedom to demanding designs previously not possible. 

A member of the Salvo Technologies Inc family of companies, Salvo Electro Optics specializes in the design and fabrication of optical components for OEM customers.  Products range from standard optics such as mirrors, and windows to more complex optics like aspheres. In addition, Salvo Electro Optics stocks standard and custom lenses for a variety of markets that includes security and defense, medical, semiconductor, industrial, and science and technology.  Salvo Electro Optics is supported by fabrication and R&D facilities in the United States as well as off shore.  Salvo Electro Optics is ITAR, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Registered. 

If your application requires a reticle, in any configuration, contact one of the sales engineers at Salvo Electro Optics for a quick analysis.  Find out more at or request more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..