Complex Optical System Design - Salvo Defense is a go to designer of optical systems including standard products such as eye pieces, objective lenses and zoom assemblies as well as more complex systems such as application specific sensing and imaging products.  The engineering team at Salvo Defense can re-optimize existing designs as well create new designs from specifications as simple as a napkin sketch.  By combining best practices from multiple disciplines Salvo Defense not only creates designs that meet the rigorous requirements of the defense industry but also creates designs that are manufacturable.  This small but unique difference is what separates Salvo Defense from its competitors.  By leveraging its sister company, Salvo Electro Optics, Salvo Defense can utilize the latest manufacturing capabilities and design for manufacturing from the start.  This reduces the lead time from idea to product realization by eliminating multiple rounds of prototyping due to lack of manufacturing experience.

Established in 2012, Salvo Defense is a full service contract designer and manufacturer of electro-optical assemblies as well as sensing and imaging platforms with a specialization in multispectral systems.  The company manufacturers high-end equipment and gear for military and police forces.  It emphasizes innovative materials and designs that solve problems others can't.  As the design and R&D arm of the Salvo Technologies Inc family of companies, Salvo Defense can leverage the production capabilities of its sister organizations like Salvo Coatings and Salvo Electro Optics.  It can also tap the sales organizations of the other business units to conceptualize new products and reach customers globally through their distribution.  

For more information please visit or reach out to on of our application engineers for a consultation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.